About us

MB Group Profile

We have established this business since 1992 founded by Mr. Rajesh Mehta, Mr. Sanjeev Mehta and Mr. Mukesh Mehta. M.B. Exim private Ltd this is our prime company and our field of expertise. We are one of the leading honey producers and exporters of Honey from INDIA. This office is based in Saharanpur U.P.

M.B Cnf (carrying and forwarding) through Shree Krishna & company that basically represents PATANJALI and sells there FMCG products in Delhi region which itself is a very huge market in India. These distribution companies deals in over 1000 products and most of these products are food and ayurvedic medicines .

We have entered real estate market 4 years back and we are successfully running our first hotel LANDMARK in Saharanpur city. we are developing a shopping mall now in Dehradun at one of the prime location , we have few more land and properties we are already dealing in and we are trying to establish our company in real estate market as well.

Why M.B. Group Honey?

MB GROUP has acclaimed a reputation of a extraordinarily expert and relied on corporation in the Honey manufacturing Industry that's synonymous with excellent at competitive charge. MB GROUP is a land of honey wherein you will get the sector's quality honey. We produce best quality honey and ability in patron and bulk packaging. MB GROUP exclusively concerned in exporting honey. We excel in private labeling. MB GROUP aspires to be a world elegance supplier of natural honey .We had been on this area for more than 20 years and have supplied top class high-quality honey international.

Our Endeavor Towards A better World

The mission of MB GROUP is to achieve the overall customer satisfaction with the aid of competently offering the highest qualityhoney & services feasible at the earliest appropriate time.Creating an awesome cost for clients,developing a wonderful provider,growing a top notch organization, Provide international class product to our clients.

Some Responsibility That Our Products And Processes Assume

It is not only about fulfilling your responsibility towards the society. One should also make sure that one’s products and processes make the lives of people better and healthier. Here are some points we take pride in

  • Through an honest and trust based relationship with the customers, built on a strong platform of High quality products, we make sure that we maintain the highest standards of customer satisfaction.
  • Stringent processes are adopted to maintain hygiene and make our products contain the natural flavours and vital enzymes. The same is tested in our lab, equipped with the latest equipments and apparatus, to meet the international standard.
  • Complete traceability is provided with all products right from the farms up till the warehouse where they are delivered.
  • All products are GMO free.