MB Group consistently has confidence in taking difficulties head on and has developed powerfully to turn into a known player in the sorted out nectar exchange

With many overseas markets seeing double-digit growth in online sales, exporting online is a good way for Indian businesses of all sizes to expand overseas, grow sales in existing markets, and test products in new markets.

Most of the fundamental concepts of exporting through traditional channels remain relevant to online exporting. Understanding customers, researching partners and suppliers, managing risks and having reliable freight all remain crucial to the success of an online exporting business. Not being prepared or failing to understand the risks involved in online exporting can be detrimental to a business’s success.

Patanjali has been building relationships with major online sales platforms to understand how they operate. We have produced a guide to online exporting, as well as market guides, to help you understand the process, reduce risks and maximise sales and profits.

M.B. Group Exports

MB Group India is among the heralds in Honey Exports from all over India district. Every one of our activities are completely programmed with a well-structured, shut circuit nectar preparing line with a manual interface, guaranteeing quality and cleanliness all through, with regards to national standards.

Grant victors – Quality Assurance.

Our Company contains legit and committed people; empowered by State-of-the Art Equipment and machines and bolstered by experienced Technicians, we endeavor to accomplish the Importer explicit yield and guarantee that "we scrutinize what we state". Coordinated by business keen, qualified, experienced and genuine Management, the association has been accomplishing new Quality tourist spots each year. Grant for Leading Exporter of India has been presented over past numerous years. Our Worldwide Certifications represent themselves.

Our Services

Bulk & institutions:- Bulk & Institutions:- We offer bulk packaging specifically for brands and industries which employ its services for the production of various types of eatables. The pack types include drum packing and bucket packing.

  • The administrations of the association stretch out past oneself possessed brands of the association. The organization additionally serves different private mark nectar players in the business who require its administrations.
  • Stringent processes are adopted to maintain hygiene and make our products contain the natural flavours and vital enzymes. The same is tested in our lab, equipped with the latest equipments and apparatus, to meet the international standard.
  • Complete traceability is provided with all products right from the farms up till the warehouse where they are delivered.
  • All products are GMO free.